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Eye for the Light

29th & 30th September 2018

TPOTY Photo Iconic Workshop

The Shard

Are your images as good as they could be? Or is that "WOW factor" missing?

Photography is all about light. Understanding its characteristics - direction, intensity, colour temperature - allows you to use it to make better images whether it's constant or changing, natural or artificial. Combine an understanding of light with a better understanding of composition and your photography will fly!

There's nothing more exciting in photography than making a great image. But to do this requires harnessing the important technical skills and the key elements of composition which make an image strong. 

This photography workshop is designed to help you develop your own creativity, your understanding of light and improve your compositional skills, but will also help you to get to grips with the technical aspects of photography which often hold you back.

During the workshop we'll help you individually as well as giving group tuition. The locations we use are specially chosen to provide good photographic opportunities in changing light, both natural and artificial, and help you to build your photographic skills and confidence. We believe that photography should be fun so there'll be plenty of laughs along the way.

London is rich is a variety of subjects from big landscapes and cityscapes to fascinating detail. But photography in a big city is often challenging, with changing light and large buildings, finding the best viewpoint can be problematic. These challenges make it a perfect place to learn how to work with light - shadows and highlights - to create good images. There's plenty to photograph and numerous opportunities to improve your photography skills.

As this photography course is highly interactive and requires time to review each photographer's approach to making images, the number of participants is strictly limited to a maximum of 6 photographers. 

Where does the course start?

This photography course will start in Hays Galleria, London Bridge, London at midday. Day One will finish at about 6-6.30pm. Day Two starts with a dawn shoot and will end at around 1-2pm.


Fujifilm have a fantastic range of cameras and lenses. Now they've got together with TPOTY and Photo Iconic to give you the opportunity to try them on our courses and photo tours. If you are interested in getting a new camera or lens, or simply want to try one, you can free of charge.

Ask for details when you book and reserve the camera and/or lenses you'd like to try.

The Tuition

Your photography tutor - Chris Coe - will give you tuition in how to photograph the landscapes, places and people. He also be on hand to give you individual tuition as and when you want it.

Our tutors are there for you and not to take their own photographs, even if it means them missing a great shot. They'll only take their own pictures when you don't need help with yours.

Photo Workshop Highlights

  • Small group - max 6 people with lots of individual tuition.
  • Weekend - two day course
  • Group & individual tuition.
  • Great locations for landscapes, people, details, abstracts, travel images & architecture
  • Dawn shoot
  • Tutors dedicated to helping you with your photography.
  • Unhurried itinerary with time to develop your photography.

What You'll Learn About

  • Understanding light & how to control it.
  • Composition & how to add impact to your images.
  • Identifying the key elements of composition & using them.
  • Using perspective as a compositional tool.
  • Understanding the important technical functions of your camera.
  • Changing composition through aperture & shutter speed.
  • Using aperture, shutter speed & hyperfocal distance creatively.
  • Exposure & how to meter light accurately.
  • Exposure as a compositional tool.
  • Using filtration to control light, modify and improve an image.
  • Bringing technical & creative elements together to compose better images.
  • Developing a photographic style.

The workshop is organised by Photo Iconic, and the workshop will be booked direct through them.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy - all monies will be refunded if course is cancelled by participant up to one month before the course date. If participant cancels between one month and eight days before the course date, 50% of the full course fee is payable. If participant cancels seven or fewer days before the course date, the full course price will be payable. If you have any queries please contact us on: 

photo iconic

The workshop price is £245

For further details or to book, call or email

Tel: +44 (0) 1728 627752


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