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Preparing your images for online entry

Please check our Rules to make sure your images are eligible.

  • Uploaded images should be in jpeg file format at resolution 72dpi.
  • The maximum file size for uploaded images is 1 Mb at 72dpi (this will be lower than the original image size and resolution). We recommend a maximum size of 1500 pixels along the longest side for the images that you upload.
  • For all categories except Smart Shot, the ORIGINAL images (not the files you upload) must be high enough resolution to be printed at AT LEAST 30cm x 25cm (a minimum of 3600 pixels along longest length) at 300dpi.
  • Scanned images – if you have shot your images on film or transparency and then scanned them, you can still upload them for any category except Smart Shot.

A reminder re digital manipulation: You may use digital manipulation to optimise an image, and you may crop an image but you are not permitted to add or remove key elements of the composition. Brightness, contrast, colour balance can all be adjusted. Dust spots and minor elements etc. can be retouched. Images can be sharpened before printing. Manipulations which could realistically be achieved in a darkroom will be accepted but the judges have the discretion to reject any image which has been, in their opinion, over-manipulated, removing the integrity of the original image. Composite or montaged images, from more than one original image are not eligible – this includes images shot at different exposures/dynamic ranges and combined. Images stitched to form a panoramic image will be accepted provided that the entrant declares, at the time of submission, that the final image has been produced in this way. Multiple exposure ‘in camera’ is permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are shortlisted for the final judging rounds later this year, you will then be required to submit prints, plus higher-resolution files of your shortlisted images along with the raw/original files.