2020 Awards

At a time when travel is so restricted, we’re inviting amateur and professional photographers from all countries and of all ages to look through their archives of travel images to submit into the 18th edition of this global contest. Entries close on November 2nd, so, depending on when travel restrictions are lifted, there may also be time for you to shoot new material before the closing date. But we want to stress that, in these extraordinary times, entrants should not make unnecessary journeys or break any lockdown that may be in force in their country of residence in order to take photographs to submit. We have always allowed entrants to submit images from their archives – i.e. contemporary photography shot in recent years – and have always said that ‘travel starts when you leave your home’ and never has this been more important than in 2020. We even have a special One Shot category – Close to Home – specifically for images taken very close to where you live!

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