MPB One Shot – A Quieter Life

Never has peace and tranquility been more important to our wellbeing and mental health. This single-image category is an opportunity to focus on images which soothe and relax and allow ourselves some time to contemplate. Just enter images that you shot that make you feel calm, peaceful, still and contented – mindful moments in a busy and genetic world.

What subjects can you include?

Any travel-related subject which conveys a sense of peace, tranquility, calm, contemplation, contentment, quietness, stillness or mindfulness.

This category is a standalone award and entries are not considered in selecting the winner of the overall title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2023.

How many images?

One (1) image per entry.

What are the judges looking for?

A single image which captures a quieter more mindful world.

Am I eligible?

This category is open to all photographers.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter this category more than once.

What is the category entry fee?

Entry options:

  • £10 single image entry


  • ‘Two Plus Four’ 12-image combination of 4 MPB One Shot entries and 2 four-image portfolios entered at the same time for £50 (full price £70 if entered individually). 


  • ‘Ten Image Combination’ of between six and 10 ‘MPB One Shot’ images for £50 (full price between £60 and £100 if entered individually).

Do I need to shoot new material to be able to enter this category?

No! We have always allowed entrants to submit images from their archives – i.e. contemporary photography shot in recent years – and have always said that ‘travel starts when you leave your home’. So it’s your choice. you can travel local or travel further afield. Entries close on 1st October.

Digital Manipulation

Please see the information on digital manipulation and note that entrants who are shortlisted as finalists will be required to provide the original image files (RAW or jpeg as shot).

No AI generated images will be allowed and any entered will be disqualified.


The winner of this category will receive an MPB voucher for £1000-worth of camera gear of their choice, Radiant Photo imaging software and membership of The Royal Photographic Society 

Image © Effy Varley

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