MPB HD Video – World in Motion

More than simply documenting, use the moving image medium to its full potential, capturing subjects or events which benefit from more than a still image and show our world in motion.

The Travel Photographer of the Year HD video category was originally introduced years ago to reflect the developments in HD video in stills cameras. However, technology has moved really quickly, and today it’s possible to take high quality still shots and shoot video on cameras and devices which were simply not available 10 years ago.

Our MPB HD video category welcomes short travel-related films, maximum length 120 seconds, shot on anything from a mobile phone or a video camera to a Go-Pro or similar piece of kit, as well as on a stills camera. Submissions should be technically proficient. HD videos can consist of moving footage alone, images shot as time-lapse sequences or a combination of stills and video imagery. Shorter videos are acceptable but films longer than 2 minutes will be disqualified. Your video must not contain your name in the credits as all TPOTY entries are judged anonymously. Winners will be asked to submit a credited version for the winners’ gallery. You may add a musical soundtrack to your video if you wish, provided that the music is credited, copyright released and free from royalties. Your video should be in a format which can be played both on a computer and through a television screen e.g. QuickTime or wmv.

The theme or subject is down to you as long as it is travel-related. For example, your short film could be a travelogue, a documentary, an interview, an adventure story, an expedition. It could be above ground or underwater, shot in daylight or at night time. The judges will be looking for something creative, interesting and above all, engaging.

What subjects can you include?

Anything travel related! Your HD video must give an insight into a country, a place or person and their life.

How to enter?

There is no upload facility for video submissions directly through the TPOTY website but you can pay for your entry and provide a download link using our online entry form, so please follow the register and login information given on our Online Entries page,  select the ‘Enter Competition’ button you will see on the My Account page and choose World in Motion from the category menu then follow the instructions that appear.  Entries in this category can be submitted in one of three ways:

1) Using our online entry page you can provide a WeTransfer, Vimeo or Dropbox link where the video can be accessed and downloaded by TPOTY.

2) If your video isn’t yet online then it can be uploaded to TPOTY’s Dropbox. You would need to use our online entry page to register your entry and pay your fee, then email us after paying your entry fee and ask us to set up a folder in your name.

3) If your internet connection doesn’t allow video-sized uploads, you can send it, with an entry form, by post on a DVD or USB drive to the TPOTY office address (follow the same process outlined for those submitting print entries for full address ). The entry form can be downloaded from this website. The entry fee can be paid online or by post.

How many videos?

One video per entry lasting no more than 2 minutes (120 seconds) in length. It can be shorter than 2 minutes in length. It can consist of moving footage alone, images shot as time-lapse sequences or a combination of stills and video imagery.

Am I eligible?

This category is open to all photographers aged 19 and above.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter this category as many times as you want to.

What is the category entry fee?

£25 for each video entry.

Do I need to shoot new material to be able to enter this category?

No! We have always allowed entrants to submit images from their archives – i.e. contemporary photography shot in recent years – and have always said that ‘travel starts when you leave your home’. So it’s your choice. you can travel local or travel further afield. Entries close on 1st October.


The winner of this category will receive an MPB voucher for £1000-worth of camera gear of their choice, Radiant Photo imaging software and membership of The Royal Photographic Society.

Image © Jonathan Stokes

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