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  1. Preparing print entries
  2. Eligible prints
  3. Labelling prints
  4. Packaging prints
  5. TPOTY Exhibitions & Journey Nine book
  6. Entry fees
  7. Entry form
  8. Sending in your images
  9. Sending prints, CDs or DVDs by international courier
  10. Return of prints
  11. Keeping YOU informed
  12. Keeping US informed
  13. Entry problems

How to enter prints:

  1. Preparing Print Entries:

      Please follow these instructions carefully when preparing your prints. It is very important that we can quickly and easily identify them.

  2. Eligible prints:

      We can only accept prints up 30cm (or 12 inches) on the longest side. Prints should be unmounted so please don't stick them onto card! Mounted prints will be disqualified.

      Good quality prints produced on an inkjet, or similar printer, are acceptable. You can produce your own prints or submit prints which have been printed professionally.

  3. Labelling prints:
      Prints must be clearly labelled on the back. They must all carry the following information:
      • your name
      • your nationality
      • your address and your email address
      • the location of the shot and what it shows
      • the type of camera used, lens focal length data, aperture and shutter speed

      If you are having prints produced by a lab, and they are sending them direct to us, you will need to mail or email the captions to us, if the lab cannot caption the prints.

  4. Packaging prints:
    Each separate Portfolio or Young TPOTY portfolio, New Talent or One Shot must be sealed in a separate envelope. Please write the category name and your name and address clearly on each envelope. Please do not mix portfolios within the same sealed envelope. Mixed entries will be disqualified.

  5. TPOTY Exhibitions & Journey Nine book:

      If you wish your images to be considered for TPOTY exhibitions or for inclusion in the TPOTY portfolio book Journey Eight or the TPOTY App, please also supply a CD or DVD of your images (high resolution 300dpi), together with your print entry. These disks will not be returned, but will be destroyed after publication. We will notify you in advance if your images are selected.

  6. Entry fees:

      Calculate your entry fees (entry is free to those aged 18 and under) and pay either by cheque, credit or debit card or online, as detailed on the Entry Fees page. Payment must be made in GBP (£) as we cannot accept international currencies. We accept international bank transfers. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact us for details.

  7. Entry form:

      You can download an entry form for your print entry here. Please print it out, complete it, and submit it with your prints.

  8. Sending in your images:

      Your sealed, labelled envelopes should be mailed together in one package, together with your entry form, an appropriate entry fee or proof of online payment and return envelope (if required).

      Please write your name and return address clearly on the back of the package. (Please also see the sections on Return of Prints and Sending by International Courier, below).

      Entries should be sent to:

      Travel Photographer of the Year Ltd
      Broadway Barn
      Monk Soham
      IP13 7HB

      Closing date - We will accept entries postmarked or sent by courier on or before 25th September 2017 and which arrive with us no later than 2nd October 2017. Please don’t leave sending your entry until the last minute! 90% of entries arrive in the last week before the closing date so the earlier you send your entry, the easier and quicker it is to administer and prepare for judging. Any entries that come earlier really help us prepare for the judging quicker and also avoid a huge administrative task.

  9. Sending prints, CD, DVD or USB Drive by international courier:

      If you wish to send your entries by international courier, please follow these instructions:


      Please either give NO commercial value for the package, or declare a very low value e.g. £5. If you must put a commercial value on the package, you must tick the box on the airway bill indicating that you will be responsible for any import duties due when the package is delivered in the UK. If you do not do this, we will refuse to accept the package, as TPOTY cannot be responsible for paying import duties and your package will be returned to you by the courier company.

      Please include the TPOTY telephone number for your courier's airway bill: +44 (0) 1728 627752. This will allow your courier to contact us if they have any problems with your delivery.

  10. Return of prints:

      Prints will not be returned until the judging is complete and the winners have been notified. Prints will only be returned if the entrant provides a return envelope and postage, as detailed below.

      Images will be returned by the end of February 2018, and earlier if possible. Returning images is a time-consuming administrative task and one that can’t be rushed. We will not send images out before 5th January 2018, to avoid the Christmas post. We do, however, always respond to requests from photographers who need their images back urgently.

      If you would like your prints returned, please supply either a strong, suitably sized stamped addressed envelope or a return envelope (of the appropriate size and strength) and payment for return postage.

      You can supply just one return envelope for all your entries, provided it's large enough and carries sufficient postage. Please make sure it's strong and reinforced as necessary to protect your images on their way back to you.

      Any prints which entrants do not want returned will be destroyed by the end of April 2018.

      UK entrants

      Please either put 'real' stamps on your return envelope or add the cost of your return postage to your entry fee. Please do not use 'Smart Stamp' or other computer-generated postage or Post Office printed labels, as these expire the day after they are printed, and will not be accepted by Royal Mail some months later, when the images are returned to you.

      International entrants

      If you want your images returned, and you do not have access to British stamps, you should weigh your total package and determine the postage cost from the UK by visiting

      Please add the cost of the return postage to your entry fee and tell us how much your return postage will cost. If you choose an option such as 'Air Mail Small Packet' (cheaper than usual Air Mail), or want a service such as 'International Signed For', please write this on your envelope and make sure you pay the appropriate postage costs. We will then add this postage to your envelope before returning your images to you. Please make sure that you include a suitably sized envelope (large enough to contain ALL your prints) for return. We cannot provide this for you.

      Returning prints by international courier

      If you want your images returned by international courier, you must provide an airway bill for the return journey, clearly marked with the level of service that you require and clearly signed to show that you are responsible for the courier fees and for any import duties that may be payable when the package is received back into your country. If you do not do this we cannot return the package by courier.

  11. Keeping YOU informed:

      If you provide us with a current email address when you enter, we'll keep you informed by acknowledging receipt of your entry and confirming return of your images.

      Please print your email address clearly - every year we have entrants who we're unable to email because their email address has been badly written! All entrants will be automatically subscribed to receive our newsletters by email. This allows us to keep you informed about the results of the awards. You are of course, welcome to unsubscribe at any time. Your details will not be passed on to third parties.

  12. Keeping US informed:

      Please remember to keep us informed of any change to your contact details or email address. If your address changes and you do not inform us, any prizes and/or your prints will be sent to the address previously supplied.

  13. Any problems with your entry?

      If you experience any problems, please contact us by email. We will reply to your message as soon as we can, but please be patient as the office is very busy at certain times of the year and especially around the closing date.


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