One Shot: Close to Home

As we approach this year’s closing date the Covid-19 pandemic is still active in many part of the world so travel is still restricted. To reflect this we’ve added a new One Shot category.

Travel Photographer of the Year has always said that travel begins when you step out of your front door – any of your entries in our categories can have been shot somewhere local to you if you wish, provided they meet the category theme. Now, for those of you who really want to show us what life is like where you live, we’ve added this ‘last minute’ One Shot category with the theme ‘Close to Home’. It’s open to everyone and will give all of you who can’t travel a challenge to photograph where you are, but stay safe in the process.

Travel has changed, temporarily at least. So what’s the world like outside your door, locally to you? Without travelling far, capture the city, town, village, countryside you live in with a single shot which shows us where you are and how it looks and/or feels.

What subjects can you include?

Any subject that you can photograph close to where you live. Let us ‘travel’ there through your image!

How many images?

One image per entry.

What are the judges looking for?

A single image that really makes us feel we are a visitor to your homeland.

Am I eligible?

This category is open to all photographers.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter this category more than once.

What is the category entry fee?

£10 for each single-image entry.

This category is a standalone award and entries are not considered in selecting the winner of the overall title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2020.


The winner of this category will receive £250 to spend in the Travel Photographer of the Year online shop and membership of The Royal Photographic Society.

Header image © Felicia Simion