Autumn fungi & campfire cooking

PHOTO WORKSHOP – Chris Coe is joined by wildlife and nature photographer, Ellie Rothnie, for a very special and unusual photo workshop. With bushcraft guides we’ll be finding and learning about fungi, then photographing them in autumn – macro and nature photography. In the evening we’ll be eating the edible ones on a campfire cooking session.

Bushcraft, close focus and macro
photography workshop

Immersing yourself in nature is not only good for your photography, but good for the soul, so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing on this Autumn Fungi & Campfire Cooking photography workshop. We’ll be searching for fungi, learning about them, doing some macro photography and the, at the end of the day, cooking the edible ones on a campfire and eating them as we socialise and chat.

When & Where: Saturday 26th October 2024 – 11am to 8pm
Woodland near Guildford, Surrey, UK

Fungi are incredible and as you learn about them you’ll start to understand just how incredible. Then we’ll be getting down on the ground for some close up and macro photography, learning the techniques, composition and light.

Join Chris Coe, Ellie Rothnie and bushcraft expert, Kevin Palmer, for a day immersed in nature in a private woodland. Together we’ll being learning about the fungi and the woodland vegetation – most importantly what’s edible and what’s not. The woods in autumn are bursting with life and if you know what you’re doing, nature’s rich larder.

We’ll be searching together for fungi, learning about where to find them and their many different characteristics. More than that we’ll be photographing them to get some great nature shots.

This workshop will take place in private woodland so we’ll have the place to ourselves, to explore, search and take our time with our photography. Under Ellie and Chris’s guidance we’ll try different techniques with close up photography and explore the wider shots of the autumn woodland as it prepares for the winter ahead.

How many people: Places limited to only 12 photographers, with 2 tutors.

Price: £ 160.

Register for free for Eye for the Light and get an extra £10 off this workshop.

Location – where is it: Private woodland between Guildford, Pirbright and Aldershot (details to follow).

What’s included: Bushcraft lessons from Kev plus photo tuition and guidance from Chris, There will be plenty of time to get your shots and plenty of space.

What you’ll need: A macro or close focus lens, a wide angle lens and a telephoto somewhere in the range from 50-200mm. PLEASE NOTE: Drones are not permitted.

You may find a tripod useful, especially if it’s overcast, but make sure if you do bring one that it can go low to the ground. An alternative is a bean bag but we suggest you put it inside a ziplock bag to keep it dry. If you want to use flash then make sure you have a diffuser or use a ring flash. A small torch, again with a diffuser, can also prove useful in low light.

Just in case: We’ll be getting down on the ground sometimes to get the most interesting shots so it’s advisable to bring a change of clothes in case you get damp or muddy. It’s advisable to wear boots or good walking shoes and to bring some water proofs.

Do I need to bring something to eat: We will not be near a cafe so bring your lunch with you. In the evening we will be socialising around a camp fare and our bushcraft experts will be preparing dinner on the fire using the edible fungi which we found during the day. It will be a large mushroom risotto so good for everyone, vegetarians and vegans included.

Will it take place even if the weather is good: YES. What’s bad weather? Photography in the woods is better when it is overcast or even raining, so there’s always a photo opportunity!

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