Animals on the Edge

Animals on the Edge

If we are to save endangered species we have to find ways of making trees worth more standing than felled and animals worth more alive than dead. We are an organisation committed to disrupting the status quo in conservation. By changing the way conservation programs are conceived, implemented and managed, we aim to ensure the preservation and continued evolution of the world’s habitats and wildlife. We do this by engaging equally with all stakeholders, including governments, big business, regional NGO’s and local communities, to harness the ingenuity, expertise, wealth, power and resources, and the enthusiasm and commitment of individuals and organisations, all of whom have a vested interest in our success.

“Animals on the Edge: Reporting from the Frontline of Extinction is a conservation photography project that investigates why threatened wildlife populations are still in decline and reveals how, by making animals worth more alive than dead, we can turn the tide in the battle against extinction.It’s ten years since I wrote the book Animals on the Edge. A decade on, my journeys back to the edge, to revisit the stories I investigated, reveal little has changed.Poaching of species such as tiger, black rhinoceros and elephant remains rife and numbers continue to decrease; vast swathes of rainforests continue to be decimated at unprecedented levels, meaning very many species are closer to extinction now than ever before. Of the 50 species whose stories I told, the official status of the majority of them has declined. But conservation success stories exist. Success comes when trees are made more valuable standing than felled and animals worth more alive than dead. This is the story of how we change the world.” Chris Weston

2021 prize 

The winner of the Green Planet One Shot category will receive a signed and framed limited edition print by AOTE founder, Chris Weston

Animals on the Edge

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