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When I was 15-years old I lived in Boston. Not the colourful, vibrant city in New England, America, but the quiet market town in Lincolnshire, a place best known for its flat landscape and cabbages. For a young lad, it was a severe test of the imagination.It was work experience week at school. The options weren’t good and involved some form of hard labour on a farm.

At home, seeing my inner turmoil, my father asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. Without hesitation I replied, “I want to be a photo-journalist”. Why I said that, I have no idea but, with the reluctant blessing of the school, I set off on my first ever assignment.I was 32 when I finally realised I really did want to be a photo-journalist and walked out on my career in IT sales to become a wildlife photographer. Since then, I’ve provided images to the BBC, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, and Nat Geo. I’ve written articles for most of the UK photo mags, and books for ITV and numerous publishers. I’m fortunate to be able to call myself an ‘award-winning’ photographer, and I work with some amazing conservation groups, like UPROAR.But most of all, I’m still deeply passionate about what I do. I love being out in the field with my camera, sharing time and space with wildlife, telling my story and theirs through the incredible medium of photography.

TPOTY Online Photo Tuition / Chris Weston
Chris Weston Photography

 Photo Safaris

As a photographic guide and leader, my goal is nothing less than to inspire your vision of the natural world and enhance your perception of photography. In a career spanning nearly two decades, I have collected a wealth of expert contacts, some of them the world’s very best guides, biologists and researchers, which enables me to organise extraordinary itineraries to the most photogenic, wildlife-rich destinations on the planet. Within just a few days, by nurturing your talent and developing your technique, I will help you see photography in a new light and get you creating in life the images you’ve already captured in your imagination.

The Complete Photographer Masterclass

In 2020, in conjunction with TPOTY, Chris Weston launched two online masterclasses, each containing 50 video tutorials and supporting material, covering all aspects of camera technique and the art of composition and visual storytelling. These online workshops are offered at a special discounted price to TPOTY photographers.To create great, potentially competition-winning photographs you need three attributes: good camera technique, an eye for a picture and a creative mind. And that’s the essence of this brand new online workshop The Complete Photographer Masterclass. In three parts, it teaches professional camera technique – the secret tips and MO of the pro’s; the art of seeing and crafting a visual narrative, so the images you create rise above record shots; and what the grand master Ansel Adams described as visual “performance” – turning vision into print. Step-by-step, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, The Complete Photographer Masterclass will encourage, challenge, inspire and energise your photography and make you the very best photographer you can be. Please click on the image below to learn more about these excellent online classes and to buy using the special (automatic) TPOTY discount.

Animals on the Edge

Animals on the Edge: Reporting from the Frontline of Extinction is a conservation photography project that investigates why threatened wildlife populations are still in decline and reveals how, by making animals worth more alive than dead, we can turn the tide in the battle against extinction.It’s ten years since I wrote the book Animals on the Edge. A decade on, my journeys back to the edge, to revisit the stories I investigated, reveal little has changed.Poaching of species such as tiger, black rhinoceros and elephant remains rife and numbers continue to decrease; vast swathes of rainforests continue to be decimated at unprecedented levels, meaning very many species are closer to extinction now than ever before. Of the 50 species whose stories I told, the official status of the majority of them has declined. But conservation success stories exist. Success comes when trees are made more valuable standing than felled and animals worth more alive than dead. This is the story of how we change the world.

2021 prize 

The winner of the People & their Stories portfolio category will join Chris Weston on a Life-Changing Photography international photo workshop in 2022 – it promises to be an unforgettable experience!

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