LEE Filters

LEE Filters has been producing quality camera filters for over 40 years from its manufacturing facility in the UK.

Part of the Panavision Group, the company has access to the latest developments and expertise in optical technology from one of the leading lens manufacturers within the movie industry.

LEE Filters has a worldwide reputation for producing handmade quality filters and to date has sold in excess of 1,000,000 camera filters worldwide.

Rigorous attention to detail at every level ensures that LEE Filters remains a benchmark for quality and innovation. The many leading professional photographers worldwide who use and recommend LEE products back this up.

The company’s continual investment in research and development, means that its dedicated team is in a position to embrace new technologies. LEE Filters excels in manufacturing products that complement the latest standards set by leading camera and lens manufacturers.


The Travel Photographer of the Year 2021 and winners of the As Shot and Icons of Travel One Shot categories will receive a LEE85 Discover Kit.

The LEE85 Discover Kit is the simplest way to get started if you enjoy the portability of a compact system camera but want to start experimenting with the creative power and control filters can provide.

Containing both the LEE85 Holder and the most useful first filter for landscape photography – the 0.6 Neutral Density Medium Grad – this will help you balance the exposure between the bright sky and the darker land.

The kit includes:
• LEE85 Holder with filter guide blocks
• LEE 0.6 Neutral Density Graduated Medium
• LEE85 System Pouch with shoulder strap and belt loop
• Lens adaptor rings (72mm, 67mm, 58mm)

LEE85 Holder
The LEE85 Holder is a completely redesigned new system which is both lightweight and compact, and packed with all the features photographers need. The LEE85 shares the same clever design features and benefits as the LEE100. These enable better performance and more ergonomic handling.

LEE85 System Pouch
The LEE85 System Pouch holds a LEE85 Filter Holder, Polariser and Filters. Inside it features a handy concertina design with one slot per filter and comes with three strap options: over-the-shoulder strap, belt loop, or tripod strap.

LEE85 Adaptor Rings
All LEE85 kits come with a set of 3 common size, Adaptor Rings (72mm, 67mm and 58mm) and are all wide angle. Other size Adaptor Rings are available from 37mm up to 72mm and can be purchased separately.

Re-imagined Filters
The LEE85 ND Graduated and Standard filters feature a grip tab, which increased the visible area and keeps finger prints off of the filters zone. The LEE85 Stoppers also feature useful thumb guides to easily position the Stopper square within the holder.


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