Do you feel you’ve gone as far with your photography as you can go but, at the same time, know there’s more? Do you feel you know most of the standard techniques but find your images still lack that certain something? Do you want to know what that something is and how to capture it? That’s what our Immersive Workshops are all about. A (truly) unique experience where we take you on a creative journey and challenge you, photographically, like you’ve never been challenged before.

Photography is visual storytelling. On a TravelLIGHT immersive workshop we show you, using a tried-and-tested three-step plan, how to achieve what we like to call ‘the final 2%.’ In Step 1, we immerse you in the subject. In Step 2, we focus your vision on the narrative, getting you to express yourself through the camera. Lastly, in Step 3 we teach you the language of composition and show you how to make images that go beyond postcard shots to tell a compelling visual story.


  • A truly unique workshop style
  • Learn the art of photographic storytelling
  • Immersive cultural experience
  • Challenge yourself and raise your skill level
  • Comprehensive hands-on tuition
  • Inspiring image reviews
  • Learn to ‘see’ like a pro’
  • Live like a local
  • Be at the forefront of a photographic revolution

2019 prize 

The winner of the One Shot ‘Street Life’  category in TPOTY 2019 will join tutors Chris Weston and Simon Weir in Venice in spring 2020 for a Hidden Venice Immersive Photo Workshop (see video below).

Venice is a living, breathing work of art floating on the sea. Despite its reputation as a theme-park city, around its narrow waterways and ancient buildings remain secret hideaways and a way of life one might think had disappeared long ago. To truly ‘see’ Venice, you must immerse yourself in living community she is, observantly explore its abundant visual history, seeking its charms that are hidden in plain sight and which, on this Immersive Workshop, will be revealed only to you.