New Talent Portfolio - Festivals and Events




Winning the TPOTY New Talent award inspired me in many ways. As an engineer, I was not involved in a photo community. After winning the award, the door to a new community opened, and other participants, entrants, publishers and writers/editors welcomed me. In addition, knowing that an international panel of respected judges acknowledged my images gave me confidence in my work. Furthermore, the award came with a prize – a free trip to India and Nepal – which offered a new opportunity to explore the world, practice my craft and build a stronger portfolio.

Eric Kruszewski, Winner, New Talent, TPOTY 2010.

The New Talent challenge: capturing the essence of a festival or cultural event requires a photographer to tell a story, capturing the essential elements and atmosphere to give the viewer a sense of being there.

Telling a story with pictures can be challenging and daunting yet this key skill is essential to any professional or aspiring professional travel photographer.

You can enter B&W or colour images.

What subjects can you include?

Any festival or cultural event in any country or countries - tell a story in a portfolio of six (6) related images.

Think of this as a story in pictures and a way to convey something of the character of your chosen festival or cultural event, and create a visual travel article, illustrated without words. With only six images you must make every one count so make sure that each image tells a different part of the same story.

How many images?

A portfolio of six (6) images.

What are the judges looking for?

A sense of the chosen festival(s) or cultural event(s) which makes them feel that they are part of it, each image saying something different as you tell a visual story, a link between the images in your portfolio, creativity, originality.

Am I eligible?

New Talent is for photographic students, and amateur or semi-professional photographers only. Entrants must be aged 19 or above.

We consider a professional photographer to be somebody who earns more than 50% of their income from photography. They are semi-pro if they earn some income (but less than 50% of their total income) from photography, or amateur if they earn very little or nothing.

If you are already a professional photographer then please DO NOT enter this category. Give someone else a chance to start their career in photography. Professional photographers are not eligible and photographic status will be checked before any prizes are awarded.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter this category only once.


The winner of this category will receive £500 plus a Páramo Halcon Traveller jacket , a personalized leather portfolio case or iFolio case from Plastic Sandwich, Photo Iconic photography tuition plus membership of the Royal Photographic Society.