One Shot Category: Oceans, Seas, Rivers, Lakes

Over 70% of our planet is covered in water, from the great oceans to the smallest puddle. Water is the lifeline for life itself. It is a barrier and travel artery, a resource and a destructive force, an escape and a necessity. From a still, tranquil lake or a frozen pond to a raging tsunami; from gently flowing stream to fast flowing torrent; from flood to the essence of life which sustains people, nature and agriculture, water is fundamental to our existence. Your image can be about water in any of its many physical forms as it exists in our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

You can enter B&W or colour images.

What subjects can you include?

Anything that shows us water in one of its physical forms as it appears in nature. You can include the creatures that live in or on the water, or the people who make a living or take pleasure from our oceans, rivers, lakes and seas.

How many images?

One (1) image - This is a single image category.

What are the judges looking for?

An image which makes them feel as if they are experiencing that moment in or on that body of water.

Am I eligible?

This category is open to all photographers.

How many times can I enter?

You may enter this category as many times as you want to.

What is the category entry fee?

£10 for each single image entry.

Image © Petar Sabol


The winner of this category will go on a 'Northern Lights & Whale Expedition by Sailing Ship' in Northern Norway with WILDFOOT Travel aboard a beautiful traditional two-mast schooner. They will also receive membership of the Royal Photographic Society.