Travel Influencer, Adventurer, Naturalist and Wildlife Filmmaker 

Having always been bewitched by wildlife, Catherine studied ecology and zoology at Imperial College London where she was fascinated by the theories but yearned to see these exotic creatures in their environment. Her first wildlife expedition was to study bats in Honduras. It was here, living in the cloud forest, that she became fiercely protective of the natural world.

Catherine’s life since university has seen her working in wildlife filmmaking and sustainability communication. Throughout this journey, she has kept the sense of purpose that overcame her in Central America. At every opportunity, she has travelled to a new corner of the planet to see the wildlife and how the people interact with the environment around them.

'I've been lucky enough to visit places so beautiful that no photograph can truly capture them, and along the way, I’ve tried to encourage my family and friends to join me.’

Determined to encourage holiday makers to visit wildlife hotspots during their vacations, Catherine has developed a strong social media following about her wildlife adventures.

"For me, a great photograph should transport me into the body of the photographer who has captured the image. Not only do I want to see through his/her eyes, I want to feel what they are feeling in that moment. Can I imagine the smells, the temperature, the sounds? If the visual reaction to an image elicits a raw emotional one (from intense joy to deep grief), then it can have a lasting impact on the viewer; it has the power to make change."