Picture Editor

Photography has always been an intrinsic part of Cheryl’s life. Growing up, observing her father experimenting with lenses, filters, reflectors, backdrops, lighting and an enlarger, she naturally soon became enthralled with the magic of photography too.

With a Degree in Illustration, additional studies in Graphics and Digital Media, she learnt to contemplate the impact, the meaning and the aesthetics of a photograph with a broader creative mind.

As a Picture Editor, first for the Bruce Coleman Wildlife and Travel Agency, then for Corbis and subsequently for a filmmaker at Zebra Films, ‘Wild Images’, she evaluated countless breathtaking and fascinating photographs of world-class photographers for many years.

In addition, she’s lived in New York, and as an expat for over two years in Cameroon and now almost five years in Malaysia. Springboarding from these locations, she’s travelled and digitally photographed these memories extensively.

“To get my attention, a winning photograph should jolt my senses and reveal something quite: extraordinary, remarkable, unique or peculiar. A photo that conveys a sense of scale, mesmerises me with complexity, punches me with colour or coaxes me with a simplistic line, immediately impresses me. Whether it’s breathtaking, devastating or celebratory I’m curious to see it. I want to chuckle at a photographer’s wit and originality, and be envious of the world through the lens of their eyes.”