Photographer, Photography Tutor, Lecturer & Author

Chris Coe is a self-taught photographer who has, since turning professional in 1992, combined his passion for photography with a love of travel. He photographs landscapes, people, wildlife and architecture in a range of formats including 35mm, panoramic and medium format using both film and digital cameras. Chris has shot over 40 travel, photography and coffee table books. He lectures on a variety of photographic subjects, and runs photography workshops for Photo Iconic. He founded Travel Photographer of the Year with his wife and business partner Karen in 2003.

"Photography is all about images. It would be exciting if photographers enthused about their images rather than what camera they have. It's images, not equipment, which have the power to inspire and engage. Every year I see thousands of pictures from photographers young and old, amateur and professional but there is no age, class or status to good photography. The best images stay with me. Challenge yourself and make images which leave a lasting impression. Intrigue me, inspire me, show me your own style, creativity and originality. I want to see an interesting perspective on the world, one which makes me come back to your images over and over again and each time find something new or interesting."