Stock Photography Expert, Gallery Director, Writer & Presenter, Curator & Creative Director

Colin Finlay has been involved in all aspects of photography for many years. As the co-owner of a large picture library, gallery director, writer and presenter, curator and creative director, his knowledge of the picture industry and international market for images is multi-faceted and extensive.

"I always look for creative expression, whether the subject matter is common or rare. Has the photographer seen something that other photographers have not? Has he or she expressed their creativity in a different or an unusual way? What is the thought process behind the image? Anyone can take a “lucky” shot, but has the photographer thought about and planned what they are doing? Have they taken the right equipment for the shoot, or have they just gone on holiday and hoped for the best? The 'decisive moment' may be elusive and spontaneous, but to capture it is not the result of serendipity or chance. It is the culmination of creative thought and planning."