Photo Agency Director & Photo Editor 

Daria Bonera was born in Milan, and after graduating in Fashion Marketing from St Martins School in London, she started working for Contrasto Photo Agency in Milano. In 2004 she moved to Grazia Neri’s Photo Agency, where she represented several international agencies and photographers and selected new photographers for the Agency. In 2008 Daria went to New York to work as the agent of documentary photographer Donna Ferrato and represented Grazia Neri’s photographers all through the US, while collaborating with the major publications. On returning to Milan in 2009 she started her own Agency: DB where she represents selected documentary, fashion and interior photographers, film directors, video makers and illustrators for advertising, fashion and social media content.

She is also a producer and photo consultant for advertising campaigns in Italy and worldwide and a member of the Jury for the Px3, IPA, Travel Photographer of the Year, Czech Press Photo Contest, Croatia Press Photo, Moscow International Foto Awards, Siena International Photo Awards, and a nominator for the Prix Pictet, British Journal of Photography Ones To Watch, Prince Claus Awards e First Book Award.

She has taught at the workshop: "The Flying Course' with Stanley Greene in Paris and at 'Love Venetian Style: an Intimate View' with Donna Ferrato in Venice.

Beside running her own business, Daria is the photo editor consultant for 'Touring Magazine' the most diffuse monthly magazine of travel in Italy and is a mentor for Eyes in Progress.

"A picture or a story should surprise me, intrigue me, impress me, both for the choice of subject and for the vision of the author. It should express the original point of view of the photographer and at the same time be able to communicate to all. I appreciate the quality 'not to search for distant subjects', but to see something unusual and significant in their own world."