Stock Photography Expert & Founder of Young Photographers' Alliance

Jerry is known for his devotion to maintaining the highest standards in the business of stock photography and never compromising on quality and ethics. He has had a long, illustrious career in the photography, travel, music and recruiting industries. He was trained as an attorney, and then founded a successful chain of travel agencies. He later moved to Germany and became a music manager for one of the top jazz singers there. After marrying Janou Pakter, Jerry helped launch her successful global executive search firm 24 years ago. In 1994 Jerry and Janou created Nonstock, a high-end worldwide photography collection that offered an alternative to other more traditional stock agencies. The agency was highly respected for its unique, cutting edge and compelling imagery. Currently Jerry is co-president of Glasshouse Images. Jerry was given The Picture Professional award of the year for 2008 by the ASPP (the American Society of Pictures Professionals).