Photographer and Film Director

Timothy Allen is an English photographer and film director best known for his work in the travel documentary genre.  He began his career in Fleet Street in the late 90s including a 6 year position as a photographer at ‘The Independent’ Newspaper.  Following a 2 year contract in charge of photography on the BBC’s landmark documentary series ‘Human Planet’ Allen moved further into the world of film production and directing and currently produces his own films around the world.  In September 2017 Allen was the subject of a documentary on Animal Planet titled 'Epic Animal Journeys' in which a film crew followed him on a mid winter nomadic migration across Yamal Peninsula in Siberia with a Nenets family.

In 2016 Timothy created TAPSA, a photography scholarship award in conjunction with the Sharjah Government Media Bureau. Each year the scholarship is awarded to 5 photographers from around the world and includes a 10 day trip to the United Arab Emirates to work alongside Allen.

He has been awarded 19 times in TPOTY including the overall prize in 2013 as well as receiving 6 Picture Editors' Guild Awards and the Pangea Award of Excellence at SIPA 2016. ‘Human Planet’ has received a host of awards including 2 BAFTAs, an Emmy and the ITB Cultural Book Prize.

"I love epic, intimate and original travel documentary photography. Over the last 25 years I’ve watched keenly as the worlds of travel photography and photojournalism have increasingly merged and integrated into the exciting genre of 'travel documentary'.  It’s no longer enough to shoot impersonal or unemotive travel images if you hope to rise in the ranks of the incredible wealth of global photography talent.  Searching out those stories that mean something to you personally are imperative for great documentary images in today’s world which is saturated with image mimicry and over-coverage of stories." 


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