Get Off Auto, Get Creative

  • Learn about your camera & get off auto for good
  • Understand which camera controls you need without getting too technical
  • Start to explore & develop your creativity
  • One-day photo course in central London
  • Small group, with lots of individual attention
  • Photographer level - beginner/need to build confidence

It's time to venture off 'auto'

Are you confused by your camera or frustrated that you can't get the photographs you want? Baffled by your camera's endless menus, and permanently stuck on 'auto'? Book this one-day Camera & Composition course and you'll wave goodbye to the auto setting and 'hello' to creative photography.

Making things simple...

We'll de-mystify your camera, show you which are the important controls you'll need to master to improve your photography, and which of the many and confusing menu functions you can ignore. Our objective is to help you use whatever camera you have and allow both your confidence and creativity to blossom.

..then getting creative!

You'll be surprised how simple photography is and how quickly your images will improve as we help you to understand how to control focus, depth of field and exposure, then bring these together with the basic elements of composition to improve your images.  Once you understand your camera controls, all those images which didn't look as you expected them to will be a thing of the past. Suddenly your camera becomes a simple, fun, creative tool! This sets you free to be more creative and allows you to concentrate on the art and craft of making better pictures.


  • Course date: Sunday 28th October 2018
  • Course duration: One day
  • Course start: 10.30am
  • Start location: Hays Galleria, London Bridge, London SE1 2HD
  • Course finishes: between 4.30 and 5.30pm


  • Understanding your camera.
  • Understanding the important technical functions of your camera.
  • Exposure & how to meter light accurately.
  • Composition - how to use and control it.
  • Using perspective as a compositional tool.
  • Changing composition through aperture & shutter speed.
  • Using technical & creative elements together to compose better images.

The workshop is organised by Photo Iconic, and the workshop will be booked direct through them. And, as with all our courses, you'll have the chance to try the latest Fujifilm cameras and lenses as well - just ask us when you book.

The workshop price is £95. Each course participant also receives £15 worth of books, cards or mini prints from Travel Photographer of the Year.


Booking Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy - all monies will be refunded if course is cancelled by participant up to one month before the course date. If participant cancels between one month and eight days before the course date, 50% of the full course fee is payable. If participant cancels seven or fewer days before the course date, the full course price will be payable.

Slideshow image credits: All images © Chris Coe (UK)


  • Small group - max 10 people with lots of individual tuition
  • De-mystify your camera
  • Perfect for beginners or for anyone struggling with their camera's menu...
  • Learn about exposure
  • Improve composition
  • Take control of your photography
  • Weekend - one-day course
  • Tutors dedicated to helping you with your photography
  • Unhurried itinerary with time to develop your photography

Price from: £95

Book now!

“Despite the many courses I’ve been on, your course was the one from which I learnt the most. What you taught me about composition is now almost intuitive and applied every time I compose or edit an image!” Adrian Hollister

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