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Radiant Photo is the first photo editing software that makes every image more radiant by using intelligent scene detection and pixel-by-pixel adjustments to optimize each photo’s exposure and contrast while preserving true-to-life color rendition that perfectly matches what we see with our eyes.

With Radiant Photo everyone can make their images look better in a matter of seconds. Every image (even those captured and edited by professionals) can be improved by Radiant Photo using the built-in Smart Presets. Run Radiant Photo at the beginning, middle, or end.

It is designed to make every image look its best. And yes, if you move Radiant Photo’s sliders too far to the right, you might find the results too aggressive. So does the Radiant Photo team. But while the Smart Presets deliver a great starting point for optimization every time, users can adjust everything to their liking and save their own custom smart presets.

Radiant Photo is designed to compliment every user’s workflow and is available as a Standalone Application as well as a Native Plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic.

Prizes in detail

The overall winner, young winner, the winners of the four portfolio categories – Faces, People, Cultures; Planet Earth – landscape, climate & water; Travel in Monochrome; Wildlife, Nature & Underwater – the Rising Talent Award winners and One Shot winners – Cities, Towns, Streets; Escape; Festivals & Celebrations; Women in World Culture – will each receive a copy of this fabulous image optimisation software

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