2010 Winners

Travel Photographer of the Year

Winner: Larry Louie, Canada

Young Travel Photographer of the Year and the Young Photographers Alliance Award

Winner: Kat Waters, UK (aged 17)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 15 to 18) / Young Photographers Alliance Award

Winner: Ivar August Bull, Norway (aged 18)

Runner-up: Gali Lucas, UK (aged 18)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 14 and under)

Winner: Chase Guttman, USA (aged 13)

Runner-up: Sam Baylis, UK (aged 14)

2010 Winners – Portfolios

Winner, Amazing Places: Quintin Lake, UK

Runner-up, Amazing Places: Timothy Allen, UK

Highly Commended, Amazing Places: David Pinzer, Germany

Commended, Amazing Places: Richard Murai, USA

Commended, Amazing Places: Luke Duggleby, UK

Best Single Image, Amazing Places: Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

Special Mention, Amazing Places: Lukasz Kuckzowski, Poland (L, Chris Berragan, UK (R)

Winner, Encounters: James Morgan, UK

Runner-up, Encounters: Jordi Cohen Colldeforns, Spain

Highly Commended, Encounters: Guylain Doyle, Canada

Commended, Encounters: Kym Morris, Australia

Best Single Image, Encounters: Alex Masi, Italy

Special Mention, Encounters: Daisy Gilardini, Switzerland (L), Poras Chaudhary (R)

Winner, World in Motion: Richard Murai, USA

2010 Winners – Single Images

One shot – Wild Moments

Winner, runner-up, Highly commended and Commended

First shot – Work, Rest, Play

Winner, Runner-up, Highly commended and Commended

2010 Winners – New Talent

Diary of a Destination

Winner: Edgard de Bono, Italy

Runner-up: Jonathan Munshi, USA

Highly commended: Ling Cheong, Malaysia

Commended: Jon McCormack, Australia

Commended: Minna Graber, UK

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