How to enter


Entries to the Travel Photographer of the Year awards must be made online through our image upload system. The instructions below take you through the process.



The rules contain vital information on eligibility. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your images are eligible.


You will need to register with us and then login in and upload your images. NOTE: If you were registered for a TPOTY award before 2021, you will need to re-register as we introduced a new upload system in that year. If you registered for the 2021 or 2022 TPOTY awards, your login should still be valid.

  • UPLOADED images should be in jpeg file format at resolution 72dpi.
  • The maximum file size for uploaded images is 3 MB at 72dpi (this will be lower than the original image size and resolution) and no bigger than 2000px along the longest side. If the image is bigger the system may attempt to upload it, but it will not then show in your entry. If you have this issue with an upload, please check the dimensions of the file you are trying to upload – some files can be within our 3MB limit at 72dpi but be larger than 2000 pixels along the longest size, and this can cause upload issues.
  • All images must be saved in sRGB or Adobe RGB colour modes.
  • For all categories ORIGINAL images should be ideally high enough resolution to be printed at at least 45cm x 30cm (a minimum of 5000 pixels along longest length) at 300dpi. If your original image is much smaller than this please check with us first.
  • Scanned images – if you have shot your images on film or transparency and then scanned them, you can still upload them for any category other than MPB HD Video.

Our sponsors and partners

It would not be possible to run Travel Photographer of the Year without the support of our sponsors and partners, and we are hugely grateful for their involvement each year. Click the logo to learn more about each of Travel Photographer of the Year’s sponsor and partners.