2013 Winners

Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2013 winners gallery

Travel Photographer of the Year

Winner: Timothy Allen, UK

Young Travel Photographer of the Year

Winner: Jonathan Rystrøm, Denmark (age 14)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 14 and under)

Winner: Patria Prasasya, Indonesia (age 10)

Runner-up: Myriam Deckmyn, Belgium (age 12)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 15 to 18)

Winner: Chase Guttman, USA (age 17)

Runner-up: Jovian Salak, UK (age 18)

2013 Winners – Portfolios


Winner: Jino Lee, Singapore

Runner-up: Emmanuel Coupe, France

Highly commended: Beniamino Pisati, Italy

Highly commended: Roberto Nistri, Italy

Vanishing & Emerging Cultures

Winner: Gavin Gough, Thailand

Runner-up: Simon Morris, UK

Highly commended: Jason Edwards, Australia

Commended: Cat Vinton, UK

Commended: David Lazar, Australia

Wild Stories

Joint winner: Johnny Haglund, Norway

Joint winner: Jasper Doest, Netherlands

Runner-up: Ed Hetherington, USA

Highly commended: Barbara Dall’Angelo, Italy

Commended: Tim Taylor, UK

Commended: Satpal Singh, India

2013 Winners – Single Images

One shot – Extraordinary

Winner, runner-up, Highly commended and Commended

First shot – En Route

Joint winners, runner-up and Commended

2013 Winners – New Talent


Winner: Tom Pepper, UK

Runner-up: Sheng Hong Tan, Malaysia

Highly commended: Lewis Phillips, UK

Commended: Felicia Simion Romania

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