2011 Winners

Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2011 winners gallery

Travel Photographer of the Year

Winner: Louis Montrose, USA

Young Travel Photographer of the Year

Winner: Arne Hansen, Germany (aged 17)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 15 to 18) / Young Photographers Alliance Award

Winner: Joel Biddle, UK (aged 17)

Runner-up: Tom Spence, UK (aged 17)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 14 and under)

Winner: Seamus Crowley, USA (aged 14)

Runner-up: Lisa Gehrig, Switzerland (aged 9)

2011 Winners – Portfolios

Cultures & Traditions

Winner: Sergey Anisimov, Russia

Runner-up: Marcin Mikolajczuk, Poland

Highly commended: Yurian Quintanas Nobel, Spain

Commended: Tessa Bunney, UK


Winner: Malgorzata Pioro, Poland

Runner-up: Timothy Allen, UK

Highly commended: Thomas Endlein, Germany

Commended: Simon Morris, UK

Natural Elements

Winner: Anil Sud, Canada

Runner-up: Peter Karry, UK

Highly commended: Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

Commended: Philip Lee Harvey, UK

Commended: Johnny Haglund, Norway

Spirit of Adventure

Winner: Franco Banfi, Switzerland

Runner-up: Martin Hartley, UK

Highly commended: Chris McLennan, New Zealand

Commended: Edoardo Agresti, Italy

2011 Winners – Single Images

One shot – Wild Moments

Winner, runner-up, Highly commended and Commended

First shot – Work, Rest, Play

Winner, Runner-up, Highly commended and Commended

2011 Winners – New Talent

Diary of a Destination

Winner: Edgard de Bono, Italy

Runner-up: Jonathan Munshi, USA

Highly commended: Ling Cheong, Malaysia

Commended: Jon McCormack, Australia

Commended: Minna Graber, UK

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