Eye for the Light

Eye for the Light is an online e-magazine focusing on creative photography, adventure and travel. It has over 100 features on all kinds of photography and over 30 podcasts by Newton & Coe with photographers and travellers.

If you’re thinking “Oh no, not another photography magazine!” then think again. Eye for the Light isn’t reinventing the wheel. We’re trying to do something different and bring you alternative perspectives on the creative side of photography. The adventures and travel all have a photography element to them as well, giving you an insight into how the pictures were taken.

It’s FREE…

All content is free to read or listen to. You do not need to sign up to enjoy it. However, if you do register with Eye for the Light – it’s also FREE and only needs your name and email so we can send you our monthly newsletter – you will be automatically entered into our free monthly draws for prizes and/or free TPOTY entries and workshops. 

The Newton & Coe podcasts are a delightful easy listen. Photographers David Newton and Chris Coe chat with photographers, from those at the top of their profession to this who are in the early stages of their careers. They also talk to travellers who’ve been on interesting adventures as well. So join them to find out about their lives and their work. It all very informal and conversational, but also extremely informative and insightful.

Eye for the Light also runs workshops, and you can see the latest programme on the Eye for the Light website or the TPOTY website.

Prizes in detail

The winners will be featured in Eye for the Light and invited to take part in a podcast with Newton & Coe.

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Visit the Eye for the Light website at: EYE FOR THE LIGHT

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