2012 Winners

Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2012 winners gallery

Travel Photographer of the Year

Winner: Craig Easton, UK

Young Travel Photographer of the Year

Winner: Samuel Fisch, USA (age 15)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 15 to 18)

Winner: Matthew Gillooley, USA (age 18)

Runner-up: Felicia Simion, Romania (age 18)

Young Travel Photographer of the Year (ages 14 and under)

Winner: Michael Theodric, Indonesia (age 10)

Runner-up: Rebecca Deckmyn, Belgium (age 13)

Young Photographers Alliance Award

Winner: Chase Guttman, USA (age 16)

2012 Winners – Portfolios

People Watching

Winner: Philip Lee Harvey, UK

Runner-up: Jan Schlegel, Germany

Highly commended: Anders Ryman, Sweden

Highly commended: Jordi Cohen, Spain

Wild Planet

Winner: Marsel van Oosten, Netherlands

Runner-up: Uli Kunz, Germany

Highly commended: Arne Strømme, Norway

Commended: Michal Jastrzebski, Poland


Winner: Lung Liu, Canada

Runner-up: Jason Edwards, Australia

Highly commended: Timothy Allen, UK

Commended: Rupert-Sagar Musgrave, UK

Commended: Tom McLaughlan, UK

Conde Nast Traveller Celebration

Winner: Enrique López-Tapia, Spain

Runner-up: Alessandra Meniconzi, Switzerland

Highly Commended: Lung Liu, Canada

2012 Winners – Single Images

One shot – Water

Winner, runner-up, Highly commended and Commended

First shot – Big City

Winner, Runner-up, Highly commended and Commended

2012 Winners – New Talent

Another World

Winner: Alessandra Meniconzi, Switzerland

Runner-up: Giorgio Bianchi, Italy

Highly commended: Catherine Sales, UK

Commended: Dmitry Miroshnikov, Russia

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