Entry Fees

2024 entry fees & discounts

What are the entry fees and how much does it cost to enter TPOTY 2024? Young Travel Photographer of the Year is completely free to enter and the entry fees for all the categories as listed below, along with the discounts for multiple entries. Why entry fees? See bottom of this page.

  • FREE – Young Travel Photographer of the Year
  • One Shot – £12 per entry – (Cities, Towns, Streets; Escape; Festivals & Celebrations; Women in World Culture)
  • Four-image portfolios £22 per entry – (Faces, People, Cultures; Planet Earth – landscapes, climate & water; Travel in B&W; Wildlife, Nature & Underwater)
  • Rising Talent award – £25 – limited to only one entry

Entering more than one single image or portfolio? Save by using the multiple entry bundles.

  • 2 x Four-image portfolios £34 when entered at the same time
  • ‘Four Plus Two’ 12-image combination of 4 One Shot entries and 2 four-image portfolios entered at the same time for £55 (full price £82 if entered individually)
  • ‘Ten Image Combination’ of between six and 10 ‘One Shot’ images for £55 (full price up £100 if entered individually).
  • Travel Photographer of the Year is FREE with two or more portfolio entries

Eligibility for the top award of Travel Photographer of the Year 2024 is FREE and automatic for any entrant (aged 19 and above) who submits 2 portfolios (8 or more images) in any combination of portfolio categories.

Payment of entry fees: Entry fees must be paid in pounds sterling (£) only. Image submissions will be paid for during the online entry process. Entry fees will only be refunded where an entrant has made a purchase in error. This request must be made within two weeks of making the entry purchase or the fees cannot be refunded.

Why is there an entry fee?

TPOTY is an independent and largely self-funded award. The income from entries fees are vital in helping to fund the running of the competition, the prizes, the website and server, our exhibitions and our activities to promote, publicise and showcase the winners. 

Travel Photographer of the Year is your showcase for the best in contemporary travel photography and these images have inspired, and continue to inspire, people to discover and photograph the many and diverse cultures and places, the landscapes and the wildlife of this amazing planet.

Our sponsors and partners

It would not be possible to run Travel Photographer of the Year without the support of our sponsors and partners, and we are hugely grateful for their involvement each year. Click the logo to learn more about each of Travel Photographer of the Year’s sponsor and partners.