Past winners

Photographers from around the world have claimed the top title in TPOTY in the last 19 years. To date there have been winners from 16 countries – Australia; Bangladesh; Belgium; Canada; Denmark; Germany; India; Ireland; Italy; Malaysia; Netherlands; Portugal; Russia; Spain; UK; USA.

In the main award, no photographer has won it twice. in the young photographer competition two photographers – Samuel Fisch (USA) and Indigo Larmour (Ireland) have each achieved this.

Travel Photographer of the Year
Young Travel Photographer of the Year

2003   Peter Adams – UK

Chris Charnock – UK

2004   Pang Piow Kan – Malaysia

Anna Scott – UK

2005  Lorne Resnick – Canada

Edward Mole – UK

Winning the TPOTY award was a real honor. There’s a huge validation to be had in winning. Even more important, is the entering of contests. I feel, contests really push your photography forward by forcing you to shoot not only for yourself but for the viewers – in this case the judges. Invaluable.

Lorne Resnick, Canada

2006   Julian Love – UK

Robert Dziabel – Germany

2007   Cat Vinton – UK

Luna Malka – Canada

2008   Darwin Wiggett – Canada

Daniel Rooney – UK

2009   GMB Akash – Bangladesh

Courtney Krawec – Australia

2010   Larry Louie – Canada

Kat Waters – UK

2011   Louis Montrose – USA

Arne Hansen – Germany

2012   Craig Easton – UK

Samuel Fisch – USA

2013 Timothy Allen – UK

Jonathan Rystrom – Denmark

2014 Philip Lee Harvey – UK

Samuel Fisch – USA

I have been very fortunate to win numerous awards over my career, but without doubt, winning TPOTY has been the highlight. The exposure and publicity has been amazing and opened the doors too many new projects.

Philip Lee Harvey, UK

2015  Marsel van Oosten – Netherlands

Chase Guttman – USA

2016   Joel Santos – Portugal

Darpan Dasak – India

2017   Alain Schroeder – Belgium

Isabella Smith – USA

2018   Stefano Pensotti – Italy

Morgan Wolfers – USA

“Participating in a photographic contest is an opportunity to check your photographic work, to know if we are working well and realizing contemporary photography. Winning the TPOTY in 2018 was for me a very important recognition of my work and an opportunity to make myself known internationally.”

Stefano Pensotti, Italy

2019   Katy Gomez Catalina – Spain

Indigo Larmour – Ireland

“TPOTY is one of the world most prestigious photography competitions, not just because of the quantity and quality of its participants, but also because of the recognised expertise and talent of the judges, the selection criteria for the winners based upon the printed photographs and submission in raw format, and last but not least because of the worldwide media impact. I have been very fortunate to have my work shown in London Bridge Exhibition and in the Xposure International Photography Festival in the UAE. There are not many chances to get photographs being seen by more than 2 million people but TPOTY achieves that.” 

Katy Gomez Catalina, Spain

2020   Vladimir Alekseev – Russia

Indigo Larmour – Ireland

2021   Fortunato Gatto – Italy

2022 Matjaz Krivic – Slovenia

Jai Shet – USA

Cal Cole – UK

“I am honoured to have my work recognised and acknowledged by the judges of the Travel Photographer of the Year awards. This competition is special to me since I have been with it from its beginning in 2003, when I was given a Judges’ Favourite Award. Now, 20 years later I received their highest award which makes me very proud and means a lot to me. Travel and photography have been my passion and a big part of my life since I remember and this award inspires me to continue with my journey. Thanks to the judges and to the team for their great work, and congratulations to the rest of the winners. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and the people who support me and inspire me to go on the road again and again.”

Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

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