Tonic is a brand new alcohol, culture and destination magazine for the intelligent reader. Whether it’s drinking with a Voodoo priest in Haiti, rappers buying Champagne houses or winemaking in North Korea you will find it between the covers of Tonic.

Showcasing unsung heroes, and destinations, Tonic takes readers to the farthest flung corners of the world, from inner-city alleys to mountaintops but also reminds us of the little gems on our doorstep.

We are living in turbulent times where it often seems many things divide us. Tonic will tell you the tales that bring us together, delivering evergreen stories the way only it can. Telling tales that break down borders and delve into cultures the world over – all under the umbrella of alcohol and travel.

Prizes in detail

The overall winner and the winners of the four portfolio categories – Landscape & Environment; Nature, Wildlife & Conservation; People & Cultures; Visual Stories will receive copies of Tonic magazine.

Contact Us:

Visit the Tonic magazine website at: Tonic magazine

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