2024 Categories & Prizes

This year’s awards will launch at the end of April/beginning of May with new categories and prizes.

Below are the 2023 categories to show you how these awards work – you cannot enter until the new awards open.
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Travel Photographer of the Year has a range of categories to challenge entrants and reflect the diversity of subjects and genres encompassed under the ‘travel photography’ banner. There’s something for everyone – portfolio categories, single image categories and an HD video category.

Overall winner & the Travel Photographer of the Year 2023 – This is the big one! The Travel Photographer of the Year 2023 will be the photographer who submits the best eight images across the portfolio categories. The Overall Winner will receive a £1000 cash prize plus review of their photography by New York photographer’s agent Frank Meo, a full license for Radiant Photo digital image software, a personalised Plastic Sandwich leather portfolio book, membership of the Royal Photographic Society plus Tonic magazine – and, of course, the massive international exposure that goes with winning TPOTY. LEARN MORE

Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2023 – For photographers aged 18 and under. This year’s theme is ‘My Adventures’. Awards will be given in the 14 & Under and 15-18 age groups, and an overall young winner will be chosen. Prizes include £500, a personalised Plastic Sandwich leather portfolio book, a full license for Radiant Photo digital image software, a place on a Photo Iconic photography workshop, and Royal Photographic Society membership LEARN MORE


People & Cultures – The enjoyment of travelling for most people is about meeting new friends and learning about different cultures. Even though the world is increasingly opening up again after the global pandemic, this category is not only for the long-distance traveller but also for those photographers who can find diversity and emerging cultures closer to their own homes. The focus should be on the uniqueness of people’s lives and their efforts to preserve their traditions and way of life.  LEARN MORE

Landscape & Environment – Think about the beauty but also the sustainability of our planet. Our planet and its landscapes are beautiful, unique and spectacular, despite numerous challenges to our world – some universal and obvious, such as climate change and deforestation, but also some which are more localised. So as well as stunning landscapes, you may also submit images highlighting conservation, protection of and damage to the environment and the various ingenious ways in which people are making a difference in their attempts to protect and reduce the effects of humankind on our planet.   LEARN MORE

Nature, Wildlife & Conservation – According to the IUCN Red List, biodiversity continues to decline, with more than 40,000 species currently threatened with extinction. But there are many success stories as well, so this category can include images of all living creatures and plant life anywhere in the world – in the air, on the ground or in the water – not just endangered ones. It can also include images which show the positive effects of scientific research and conservation. LEARN MORE

Visual Stories – Photography has always been used as a way to make sometimes difficult and complex stories more impactful and easy to understand. In this category, the judges will be looking for a coherent train of thought in the images which, taken as a portfolio, tells a specific story. The story can be anything travel related, from people and cultures to environment and the natural world.  LEARN MORE


Above, Eye Level, Below – Great shots can be taken from anywhere and with any perspective. Whether you are shooting from above from a plane or drone, with your feet on the ground, or underground or underwater, this is the category which allows you to enter your best single images from any viewpoint.  LEARN MORE

A Quieter Life – Never has peace and tranquility been more important to our wellbeing and mental health. This category is an opportunity to focus on images which soothe and relax and allow ourselves some time to contemplate. Just enter images that you shot that make you feel calm, peaceful, still and contented – mindful moments in a busy and energetic world. LEARN MORE

Leisure & Adventure – Travel for many people is about excitement and adventure, while for others it’s about relaxation. It may be your favourite leisure activity, a sporting occasion or a personal achievement. Enter single images that illustrate the combination of your passion for photography with your passion for relaxation and/or adventure. LEARN MORE


World in Motion – Our HD video category for short travel-related films up to two minutes (120 seconds) in length with the theme; ‘World in Motion’. The winner receives a cash prize and Tonic magazine. LEARN MORE


The People’s Choice award. Our judges will choose a selection of images from the 2023 finalists, and these will be displayed on our website for public vote. The winner receives a selection of books, cards and prints from TPOTY plus membership of Eye for the Light.

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