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Improve your photography without travelling

Photography is our passion and our passion for improving your photography never stops. It’s that enthusiasm which drives us to find the perfect picture and makes photography so exciting. Your best image should always be the next one you make.

While the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, travel opportunities are invariably limited but your photography needn’t be…

In conjunction with professional photographer, Chris Weston, we’ve launched two comprehensive online masterclasses, each containing 50 video tutorials and supporting material, covering all aspects of camera technique and the art of composition and visual storytelling. These online workshops are offered at a special discounted price to visitors to our website so, even when travel is restricted, you can carry on improving your photography.

The Complete Photographer Masterclass Series with TPOTY

To create great, potentially award-winning photographs you need three attributes: good camera technique, an eye for a picture and a creative mind. And that’s the essence of this new online workshop The Complete Photographer Masterclass.

In three parts, it teaches professional camera technique – the secret tips and MO of the pro’s; the art of seeing and crafting a visual narrative, so the images you create rise above record shots; and what the grand master Ansel Adams described as visual “performance” – turning vision into print.

TPOTY Online Photo Tuition
TPOTY Online Photo Tuition

These online workshops cover everything you need to know to understand and get the best from your camera. It covers all the technical stuff but it does it in simple clear tutorials which will allow you to unlock to master this and unlock your creativity. You’ll also learn all about creativity and the craft of composition and how to refine it then move on to art of visual story-telling, an art which will make your photography truly come alive and create impact.

Step-by-step, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, The Complete Photographer Masterclass will encourage, challenge, inspire and energise your photography and make you the very best photographer you can be.

Great TPOTY discounts

Each online course is available at an online discount of 35%. Alternatively you can buy both together for a further discount giving you both online courses – 100 video tutorials – for the normal price of one.

To preview, explore these online photography tutorials, see sample videos and buy them click here – you will be transferred to Chris Weston’s photo training site.

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