Will you be TPOTY’s 21st winner?

…and follow on from Matjaz Krivic and a list of amazing photographers. The closing date for the 2023 awards is fast approaching. You have one month to get your entries in before it closes on 1st October

Yes, unbelievably Travel Photographer of the Year is in its 21st year and this hugely prestigious international competition will soon be announcing new winners.

But first, to be amongst them, you have to enter… you have to be in it to win it! So now is the time for all of you to start thinking about what you’re going to enter.

ENTRY CATEGORIES – You have 4 portfolio categories to choose from, 3 MPB One Shot categories, and the MPB ‘World in Motion’ HD video category for short travel-related films. There is an entry fee but we’ve reduced it this year to help you in difficult time, and there are multi-image entry packages offer up to 50% of the entry fee.

The overall winner and Travel Photographer of the Year 2023 will be chosen from the 4 portfolio categories so you have to enter at least 8 images (2 portfolios) then you will qualify automatically. Even if you don’t think you can win this, our judges award additional prizes for the best single images in each portfolio category. So you could still win something with just one of your portfolio images.

SPECIAL PRIZES – Another reason to enter portfolios this year is we have two very special prizes to be awarded to two of the finalists (not necessarily the winners). The two entrants, selected from any of the four portfolio categories, will have their work reviewed and appraised by a top photographers’ agent, and who know where that may take you!

YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS – Some of our best entrants over the years have been our young photographers so if you’re 18 year and under, then have a go! There are two age groups – 14yrs and under, and 15 to 18 yrs – plus we’ll be choosing an overall winner, the Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2023.

TPOTY is open to everyone; young, old, amateur, professional. And it’s judged completely anonymously so you all stand an equal chance of being a winner.

Have a go! CLOSING DATE – 1st October

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