How to enter


The TPOTY 2019 awards have the following categories and awards:

• Overall winner – the Travel Photographer of the Year 2019
• Young Travel Photographer of the Year (for photographers aged 18 and under)
• One 8-image portfolio category – Art of Travel
• Three 4-image portfolio categories: Endangered Planet, People & Cultures and Thrills & Adventures
• Three ‘One Shot’ single-image categories: Dusk to Dawn, Oceans, Seas, Rivers, Lakes and Street Life
• The TAPSA Travel Documentaries category
• Smart Shot – iTravelled single image category (for images taken on a smart phone or tablet)


By submitting two or more ‘Portfolio’ entries in ‘Endangered Planet’, ‘Thrills & Adventures’ and ‘People & Cultures’ or by entering the ‘The Art of Travel’ category, you will automatically be eligible for the top award and title ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’.

READ THE RULES AND CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY:  The rules contain vital information on eligibility. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your images are eligible.

SELECT YOUR IMAGES: Photographers don’t always choose their best images. You’ll find lots of useful information to help you with Selecting Your Images. This will also guide you on what the judges look for.

TO ENTER ONLINE: You will need to register with us and then login in and upload your images. You can find the information on entering online here.  You will be taken to the online payment system once you have completed your entry.

TO ENTER PRINTS: If you would like to submit your images as prints, please click here. Here you will find details of how to present, submit and pay for print entries, and a link to the downloadable entry form.


15th October 2019.


  • Young Travel Photographer of the Year – entry is free of charge
  • Portfolio Categories ‘Endangered Planet’, ‘Thrills & Adventures’ ‘People & Cultures’ (4 images) – £18 per portfolio entry
  • ‘The Art Travel’ (8 images) – £30 per portfolio entry
  • TAPSA Travel Documentaries (portfolios of 5-10 images) – £10 per portfolio entry
  • One Shot categories ‘Dusk to Dawn’, ‘Ocean, Seas, Rivers, Lakes’, ‘Street Life’ – £10 per entry
  • Smart Shot iTravelled – £8 per entry

All categories can be entered multiple times. Each entry in a category will require a separate entry fee.


The final round of judging requires the shortlisted finalists to provide prints. All finalists will be asked to provide prints by 20th November 2019, along with the original/RAW files of their shortlisted images plus high-res files of the shortlisted images. If you are selected as a finalist, you can organise your own printing or use the service set up by TPOTY with Genesis Imaging, and will be given full details when finalists are notified.