If we say it ourselves, we’re rather proud of our portfolio books. They make great ‘coffee table’ books but they’re much more than that – you can travel the world through their pages. Whether you’re a keen photographer or traveller, or an armchair traveller, you’ll love these!

Our ‘Journey’ series of books contain the winning images from the TPOTY awards. These books have been produced in limited quantities, so if you’re already a collector of the TPOTY Journey books, or want to start collecting them now, it’s a good idea to order your copy.

Journey Ten/Journey Eleven
This is two books in one! It contains the winning images from the 2017 awards in the Journey Ten section, and the winning images from the 2018 awards in the Journey Eleven section. It has two front covers and, when you reach the end of one year, you just flip the book over and you’re at the next one! £14.95

Journey Twelve
This gorgeous book contains the winning images from from the 2019 awards. There’s a fabulous diversity of imagery here… £12.50


Journeys One to Four are hard-backed books, 29cm x 29cm, each containing two or more years worth of winning images from the Travel Photographer of the Year awards.

Journey One – 2003 & 2004 winning images SOLD OUT
Journey Two – 2005 & 2006 winning images (originally £25) – £7.50
Journey Three – 2007, 2008 & 2009 winning images (originally £25) – £7.50
Journey Four – 2010 & 2011 winning images SOLD OUT

Journey Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine are soft-back, perfect bound, 22cm x 22cm and each contains one year of winning images from the awards.

Journey Five – 2012 winning images (originally £9.95) – £7.50 STOCK RUNNING LOW
Journey Six – 2013 winning images (originally £9.95)  – £7.50 STOCK RUNNING LOW
Journey Seven – 2014 winning images SOLD OUT
Journey Eight – 2015 winning images (originally £9.95) – £7.50
Journey Nine – 2016 winning images – (originally £9.95) – £7.50

Delivery: We will endeavour to despatch your order in three to five working days. If there is going to be any delay we will let you know. Small packages are sent by Royal Mail, heavier items (e.g two or more of the large books) will be sent  by courier.

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