We’re very excited in the TPOTY office – our latest books are here!

Our ‘Journey’ series of books contain the winning images from the TPOTY awards, and we’ve just published three new ones (well, one double volume and one single volume), which you can order now. These books have been produced in limited quantities, so if you’re already a collector of the TPOTY Journey books, or want to start collecting them now, it’s a good idea to bag your copy without delay! 

Each book is a beautiful soft back volume, with the photographs stunningly reproduced. They are 23.5cm wide and 22.5cm high, with the double volume Journey Ten/Journey Eleven nearly twice the thickness of Journey Twelve. You can view some spreads from the books further down this page.

Journey Ten/Eleven is priced at £14.95 (plus shipping) while Journey Twelve costs £12.50 (plus shipping). Please click here to order your copy.

Journey Ten/Journey Eleven

This is two books in one! It contains the winning images from the 2017 awards in the Journey Ten section, and the winning images from the 2018 awards in the Journey Eleven section. It has two front covers (by Wendy Timmermans for Journey Ten and Daniel Burton for Journey Eleven) and, when you reach the end of one year, you just flip the book over and you’re at the next one!

Journey 12

This gorgeous book, with its cover shot by Ignacio Palacios, contains our most recent winning images – those from the 2019 awards. There’s a fabulous diversity of imagery here – you can view the 2019 winners in our galleries.

Our sponsors and partners

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