Journeys and adventures, visions and perspectives… in this single-image category you are encouraged to be creative. Travel is both a journey and an adventure. The skill of the travel photographer is to capture and interpret what we see and find in images which create impact and transport the viewer to another place.

The photographers’ creativity and vision – their perspective on travel – can be shown in camera but also in postproduction, within the parameters permitted in the rules.

Your image can feature any travel-related subject orientated around a journey or an adventure. Give us your interpretation of travel, a journey or an adventure. The judges aren’t looking for picture postcard images but ones which show creativity and vision with your own interpretation and style.

This category is a standalone award and entries are not considered in selecting the winner of the overall title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2022.


The winner of this category will receive £500, Radiant Photo imaging software, membership of The Royal Photographic Society plus a copy of Tonic magazine.

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