In Focus: Street Life single image category

Welcome to the latest in a series of posts focusing on individual categories in this year’s Travel Photographer of the Year awards.  


There are many stories on the streets of our cities, towns, villages and hamlets. Stories of people and their lives, their work. Stories of survival, desperation, celebration and joy. The challenge for this category is simple – in a single image, capture a moment on the street and start to tell one of these stories. 

The winner will join tutors Chris Weston and Simon Weir in Venice in spring 2020 for a TravelLIGHT Hidden Venice Immersive Photo Workshop. They will also receive membership of the Royal Photographic Society.

This category is for all photographers. Entry costs £10 and entries close on October 15th.

Intrigued by the idea of a Hidden Venice experience? Let Simon and Chris tell you about it in their own words:

“Do you feel you’ve gone as far with your travel photography as you can go but, at the same time, know there’s more? Something that will turn a picture into a competition-winning photograph. That’s what a TravelLIGHT Immersive Workshop is all about. We take you on a creative journey and challenge you, photographically, like you’ve never been challenged before. Travel photography is about telling a story and, on this comprehensive, culture-rich workshop in the heart of magical Venice, we show you, using a tried-and-tested three-step plan, how to harness what we like to call “the final 2%”. First, we immerse you in the subject. Then, we focus your vision on the narrative, getting you to express your ideas through the camera. Lastly, we teach you the language of composition and show you how to make images that go beyond postcard shots to tell a compelling visual story. Whatever your level of experience and your preferred style, by the end of the journey we guarantee to have changed the way you think about photography so you can discover the final two percent on all your adventures. If you want to learn what makes a competition-winning image, let us show you hidden Venice.”

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