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In Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2024 there are new categories & prizes, plus a new Rising Talent Award. The range of categories will challenge entrants and reflect the diversity of subjects and genres encompassed by the ‘travel photography’ banner. There’s something for everyone in the 4 portfolio categories, 4 single image categories plus Rising Talent Award. And a special category for young photographers.

Overall winner & the Travel Photographer of the Year 2024 – This is the big one! The overall winner and Travel Photographer of the Year 2024 will be the photographer who submits the best two portfolios across the portfolio categories ‘Faces, People, Cultures’; ‘Planet Earth – landscapes, climate & water’; ‘Travel in Monochrome’ and ‘Wildlife, Nature & Underwater. LEARN MORE

Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2024

This year’s theme is ‘Travel Experiences’. Awards will be given in the 14 and Under and 15-18 age groups, and one overall winner will be chosen. All travel is an adventure, an experience, whether it is an exciting holiday or just a local day out. Great images are just as likely to come from familiar surroundings or close to home, as from long distance travel. Show us a collection of four travel images, in colour or black and white, which you are most proud of! LEARN MORE


Faces, People, Cultures -Meeting and making new friends, and learning about and experiencing different cultures, is a major factor in our enjoyment of travel and our fascination with travelling. This category is all about those people – young, old or some age in between – the characters we encounter. The focus should be on the uniqueness of those people and their lives, the uniqueness of their cultures and the efforts to maintain and preserve their traditions and way of life. LEARN MORE

Planet Earth – landscape, climate & water – This amazing planet is rich in varied landscapes, from striking and imposing mountains and glaciers to the serene, harsh beauty of deserts and wildernesses; from rivers and lakes to the smooth or rugged variations of coastal regions and islands; from polar ice and snowscapes to verdant forests and jungles. Some of these landscapes have remained unchanged for millions of years. Some are changing as they experience ever more extreme climate variations which see water shortages, and even desertification in some regions, while others experience floods, extreme rain and storm events which turn dry areas into wetlands.   LEARN MORE

Travel in Monochrome Travel photography started in black and white (B&W) and, despite a colourful world, monochrome images have remained an interesting and powerful medium. In B&W photography, compositions can make or break an image with shape, form and texture working together in the absence of sometimes distracting colour. LEARN MORE

Wildlife, Nature & Underwater – The natural world enchants and amazes, both with its beauty and with its behaviours and adaptations. Nature is all around us, in the air, on land and underwater. From giant mammals like elephants or blue whales, to the tiniest insect or phytoplankton, they are all part of the wild world spectrum. According to the IUCN Red List, extinction threatens numerous species, and photography has a vital role to play in protecting the natural world through awareness, education and its conservation. Biodiversity continues to decline, but there are many success stories too, and this category celebrates these as well. LEARN MORE


Do you want to make a career in photography? Would you like a helping hand to do this and to build that career? This year TPOTY is launching a new category to help aspiring photographers to develop their talent and make the big step into full time photography.

In this category we’re looking for talent. We’re looking for photographers who want to get better and have the drive and enthusiasm to learn and develop, but need support and guidance to become the best they can be. If you’ve dreamt of a life in photography then this is your opportunity to start following that dream.It’s a category for amateur photographers, semi-pros and people who have started a career in photography within the last two years only. LEARN MORE


Cities, Towns, Streets – Human settlements are vibrant places where human beings come together to work, live and play. Some are chaotic, having evolved over time, and some are more structured and planned. Cities, towns and villages can be functional but also creative spaces for transport, human interaction and art. Focus on these, on striking architecture old and new, on how people move around. But also focus on the pursuit of cultural activities, leisure, sport and relaxation and how life unfolds on the streets.  LEARN MORE

TPOTY People's Choice Image -

Escape – The need for a more peaceful and reflective existence has never been more essential as the fast-moving, ever-busy human world moves increasingly in the direction of an online, impersonal, isolated and stressful existence. The human condition requires down-time, time to switch off and reflect, time to be at peace. Where do you escape to? Where or what is your escape? It can take many forms, from a physical space to a quiet moment in the natural world to losing yourself in yoga or meditation. LEARN MORE

Festivals & Celebrations – Passion for life and celebrating or commemorating moments is a vital part of life. Festivals and celebrations take many forms, from the marking of the end of someone’s life or an important part of the religious calendar to the achievements of winning, conquering a challenge, joining two lives in marriage or welcoming a child. Some festivals or celebrations are steeped in history, culture and religion. Others are much more spontaneous, unplanned moments of joy and love. Festivals cover every aspect of human life often, with music, dance and celebrations bringing out the positive side of human existence. . LEARN MORE

Women in World Cultures – Making up about 50% of the global population, women are involved in every aspect of human life and are often key in shaping different societies around the world. Their stories form an important part of world culture. They and their essential roles and contributions merit recognition and celebration. LEARN MORE


The People’s Choice award. Our judges will choose a selection of images from the 2024 finalists, and these will be displayed on our website in December for public vote. The winner receives a selection of books, cards and prints from TPOTY plus membership of Eye for the Light.

HEADER IMAGE: Dmytro Geshengorin

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