We are delighted to welcome Swarovski Optik, the market leader in wildlife observation worldwide, to the TPOTY sponsor ‘family’.  The winner of the Swarovski Optik-sponsored category in TPOTY 2019 will receive a pair of CL Companion 8x30B binoculars, the perfect companion for anyone seeking the freedom to experience more during their travel or leisure activities.

A key element of the binoculars is their new balanced optics concept. This provides every user with an unforgettable yet comfortable viewing experience with high-contrast images that are razor-sharp and colour-true. The new CL Companion also delivers an impressive 132-meter (433-foot) field of view, creating even more scope for fascinating discoveries. The binoculars are both lightweight and rugged thanks to their slim, compact design and solid magnesium housing.

In addition, Swarovski will support the TPOTY/Photo Iconic photography workshops and courses by providing some magnificent binoculars to give participants a new perspective on the course locations.



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