This is for all you landscape and environmental photographers. Landscapes and environments face many challenges both from climate change and human impact. This category is for beautiful natural landscapes; threatened landscapes; climate change impacts and the sustainability and conservation projects designed to preserve or restore these landscapes and environments.

  • TPOTY People's Choice Image -
  • Travel Photographer of the Year

In a portfolio of four images (colour or black & white) we would like you to show us beautiful natural landscapes, landscapes under threat, the impact of climate change, and projects to preserve or restore them. This can be any natural landscape, from deserts to rainforests and including snowscapes, sustainability projects, climate change impact. Although your images can feature wildlife, wildlife should not be the primary focus of the images – such images can be entered in the Green Planet, Blue Planet category instead.

By entering this category twice, or entering this category once plus one of the other four-image portfolio categories once, you will automatically be considered for the top award and the title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2022.


The winner of this category will receive the new Fujifilm X100V, membership of The Royal Photographic Society, Radiant Photo imaging software plus a copy of Tonic magazine.

The judges will also select their favourite image from all the submitted portfolios. The winner of the Best Single Image award for each portfolio category receives a Genesis Imaging giclée exhibition print.

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